LambdaMOO-inspired framework for writing text adventures in Python
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This is a small, fairly nondescript porch covered on two sides with a neck-high fence. It is made of old boards nailed down instead of screwed.
To the north is the front door, slightly ajar.
n,north Play Room
Play Room
This is a medium-sized room with light wood parcade floor. There are toys of every description strewn about willy-nilly, two large baskets of stuffed animals and various tables adorned with books and drawing supplies. Large south-facing windows stream bright winter sunlight, warming the room.
To the south is the front door. To the east the room empties into the living room, to the north it continues into the hallway.
s,south Porch
n,north Hallway
e,east Living Room
This is a narrow wood-floored hallway, echoing with every sound.
Several doors connect to the hallway, all closed. It also contiues to the south into the play room, and east into the kitchen.
s,south Play Room
e,east Kitchen
This is a small linolium-floored kitchen, with red counters, a double stainless steel sink filled with dishes and a noisy refridgerator. It is illuminated from above by recessed flourescent lights, although only one bulb seems to be working.
The room contiues to the south into the living room, and to the west into the hallway.
s,south Living Room
w,west Hallway
Living Room
This small intimate livingroom with light wood parkade flooring is dominated by a large wampa rug on the floor and a TV opposite a three seat red couch. A window to the south has the shades draw for enhanced viewing.
The room continues to the west past the couch into the play room, and to the north into the kitchen.
w,west Play Room
n,north Kitchen